• Easy to Follow & Straight Forward to Implement

    It makes good business sense to have a system in place to ensure that food is hygienically produced and ultimately safe to eat. The law requires a documented Food Safety Management System to be implemented based on Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP).

    We will support you with the right ingredients to make food safely.

    Food Safety Policies, Food Safety Procedures and HACCP Plans, Food Manufacturing and Catering, Food Safety Act and Food Safety Manual

    Our expertise in tailoring HACCP plans to your operation and designing practical hygiene systems will provide you with the confidence of producing safer food, brand protection and ultimately returning customers.

    Essential Ingredients of a Food Safety Management System

    • Food Safety Policies
    • HACCP Plans
    • How to Guides
    • Cleaning Schedule
    • Hygiene Arrangements
    • Safe Use of Chemicals
    • Hospitality & Events
    • Audits & Training
  • How Safe & Secure is the Supply Chain?

    Every time a health scare makes headline news we question our confidence in the supply chain.

    Assessing Food Suppliers, Food Safety in the Supply Chain, Food Fraud, Food Provenance, Supplier Audits, Traceability and Product Recalls

    How we assess, approve and monitor the supplier base is fundamental in giving customers and clients safety assurances. In supporting your business, we will design essential building blocks at vital stages from plough to plate to manage supply chain risks.

    Keeping food safe and secure is a collaborative effort and with our expertise in working with food and non-food suppliers, we deliver solutions that will inspire confidence in the supply chain.

    Give your Supply Chain a Health Check

    • Supplier Evaluation, Assessment & Performance Monitoring
    • Traceability Procedures & Product Recall Processes
    • Food Provenance & Labelling Guidance
    • Supplier Audits & BRC Global Standards, SALSA Readiness
  • Crystal Clear Allergen Awareness

    To make sure that customers with allergies are able to decide on safer food choices, Food Safety Management Systems must legally be robust to deal with these risks. This can be challenging with complex supply chains, manufacturing processes and catering practices.

    Food Allergies, Gluten and Nut Free, Allergic Reactions to Food, Food Allergies in SchoolsFood Allergies, Gluten and Nut Free, Allergic Reactions to Food, Food Allergies in Schools

    For client and customer reassurances, we tailor processes to minimise allergen contamination and ensure practices are operated effectively by knowledgeable people.

    To independently demonstrate that systems are allergen compliant, our auditing programmes will give you the confidence needed to go forward.

    Specialist Food Consultancy

    • Allergen Policies & Procedures
    • Labelling & Ingredient Listings
    • Menu & Display Guidance
    • Audits & Training
  • Achieving Compliance & Delivering Results

    Risk based and bespoke Auditing Programmes deliver a snapshot of hygiene performance to let you see exactly what is really happening in your business. We design programmes that capture any aspect of activities in single to multi site operations at UK, European and International locations.

    Food Safety Audits, Hygiene Auditing, BRC Global Standards Audits, SALSA Audits

    Auditing Programmes

    • Supplier Audits
    • Legal Compliance & Internal System Monitoring
    • BRC Global Standards & SALSA Readiness
    • BS & ISO Standards Preparation & Checks


    The key to making Food Safety Management Systems effective is how they operate in practice. This will depend on attitudes and behaviours. Our Learning & Development Packages help everyone understand why getting it right first time is so important.

    Food Safety Qualifications, Food Hygiene Training, Accredited Training Courses by Chartered Institute of Environmental Health CIEH

    Learning & Development Packages

    • Practical Induction Modules
    • Role Training & Refresher Skills
    • Safety Management Courses
    • CIEH Level 1 – 4 Hygiene Qualifications