• How Does Safety Contribute to Innovation?

    We support clients in finding the right compliant and creative safety solutions for new products and concepts without compromising innovation. Our flexible approach to think, plan and act has delivered fast and effective project management results for clients and customers.

    Supporting Innovation with Health & Safety and Food Safety SolutionsSupporting Innovation with Health & Safety and Food Safety Solutions

    Our technical solutions will give your business the confidence to launch and grow in UK, European and International markets.

    Safety Expertise with a Creative Approach

    • Research & Development of Practices & Technology
    • Designing Safety Specifications & Testing Protocols
    • Pre & Post Launch Reworking & Fine Tuning Solutions
    • Contributing to Media Statements & Stakeholder Reports
  • Making a Positive Impact on Wellbeing

    Creating a healthy workplace does not always result from complying with safety laws. To aim for the highest level of physical, mental and social wellbeing for your employees requires commitment to develop a supportive safety culture.

    We are experts at growing healthy ideas and will bring your vision to life.

    Occupational Health & Safety, Stress, Driver Safety, Occupational Dermatitis, Safety Culture, Health & Wellbeing

    Projects that focus on a holistic approach to health deliver results in improving accidents, absenteeism, claims, morale and productivity. From designing systems to promotional materials, we will support stakeholder engagement and deliver measurable results.

    Focused Health Initiative Projects

    • Stress Awareness
    • Accident Reduction
    • Diabetes & Obesity
    • Occupational Dermatitis
    • Driver Safety & Security
  • Providing the Right Safety Resource Solution

    We believe that how you acquire and utilise safety expertise should reflect the nature of your operations and desire for business growth. Whether it’s finding high calibre consultants, recruiting internally or a blended option, one size never fits all and we can guide you to the right solution.

    Food Safety Consultants, Health & Safety Consultants, Auditors, Contractors, Agency Staff, Safety Recruitment

    Combining procurement skills with our safety expertise, we can support buying teams with service tenders that have a key safety or hygiene element. We can also deliver fast and effective results in project managing the whole tender process from start to finish.

    Keeping Safety Covered in Procuring Services

    • Training Solutions & Platforms
    • Multi Purpose Cleaning Contracts
    • Personal Protective Equipment
    • Packaging & Delivery Materials
    • Laboratory Testing & Sampling Services
  • Would your Business Survive a Crisis or Disaster?

    With media coverage of security threats, strikes, health scares and liquidations, contingency plans are an essential part of business strategy to prevent losses and protect reputation.

    Business Continuity Planning and Disaster RecoveryCrisis Management Plans and Crisis Management Team

    Businesses with effective recovery plans have the ability to recover essential services twice as quickly as those without, managing the impact on costs and customer confidence.

    With our strategic project management support, we encourage a holistic approach across all service areas in developing systems to recover the business and react to a crisis. Working with you, we will design plans that reflect your operations, environment and level of risk tolerance.

    Essential Assistance to Protect your Business

    • Business Continuity Strategy
    • Crisis Management Plans
    • Forming a Crisis Management Team
    • Incident Management Training
    • Testing, Validation & Maintenance